Douglas, Everson, Satterfield surface

Former Iowa football players Dominique Douglas, Cedric Everson and Abe Satterfield, who left Iowa at semester for varying reasons, all recently surfaced in one way or another.

Everson, a freshman cornerback from Detroit who was suspended midseason and was implicated in the investigation of an alleged sexual assault on campus, has transferred to Alcorn State. He was listed on the school’s spring signing list as a mid-year signee. He’ll be able to play right away next fall. His coach, Ernest Jones, is a Michigan native and former Cincinnati assistant. Cincinnati, of course, recruited Everson hard out of high school. I imagine Everson will have a solid career at the FCS level, and we’ll hear more from him in the future.

Satterfield, an Erie, Pa., native who was suspended along with Everson and also was implicated in the sexual assault investigation, has landed at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he’ll play for former Illinois coach Lou Tepper

Apparently, the Iowa coaching staff vouched for Satterfield when talking with Tepper.

“I said, ‘Would you take him back if you could?’ Tepper told the Indiana Gazette. “And they said, ‘Absolutely.’ They told me that he might have started for them next year at corner. They were all high on him. He seems like a great kid.”

Hmmm … what does that tell you about Satterfield’s decision to transfer, which I think we all assumed at the time was strongly encouraged if not demanded by the coaching staff? The fact that Tepper asked, “Would you take him back if you could?” and they said, “Absolutely” … that either means the decision to leave was totally Satterfield’s or that his dismissal was based on public perception. Did the coaching staff want to keep Satterfield around but couldn’t because his name had been mentioned in the same sentence as rape and with the year they’ve had it would have been a PR nightmare? Or did Satterfield leave town because he had already been found guilty in the court of public opinion? It’s interesting …

Oh, and Dominique Douglas, the most talented of the three who apparently has yet to find a team to play for in the future, has put out another batch of photos on his Facebook site. They look somewhat suspicious. You be the judge.


Yeah … there’s got to be at least $10,000 there. That aint Pell Grant money.



23 Responses to “Douglas, Everson, Satterfield surface”

  1. Maybe Douglas is a better criminal than I thought Says:

    [...] Douglas is a better criminal than I thought Hawkmania Football

  2. Michael Says:

    How sad is that? Apparently DD doesn’t need football, cause he’s got piles and piles of straight cash! What a shame. I really find it hard to believe that he hasn’t found a team yet! (Sarcasm intended) I wish him luck in the future, but I’m glad he’s not part of the program anymore. He obviously hasn’t learned his lesson and I have a really bad feeling in my gut about his future.

  3. JO Says:

    Small time, no talent thugs today…small time, no talent thugs tomorrow. These guys are a joke. Where do you have to be in your life to think that these guys are ever going to go anywhere other than straight to Joliet. They do look like they will make nice “wives” there though…

  4. Scott Says:

    It’s pictures like this that further validate my decision to play football at a private division II school instead of a division I college. I didn’t ever have to deal with small time thugs like these gentlemen.

  5. Bet The Hawks are Happy Says:

    [...] Bet The Hawks are Happy …that these guys are no longer on the team. As the page says "That ain’t Pell Grant money" Hawkmania Football

  6. Michael Mann Says:

    There is more like $30,000 plus there.

  7. C.G.I Says:

    ya’ll don’t have nothing else to do but screw with him. no it aint pell grant money but its all legit.

  8. Bama Hawk Says:

    Legit??? Ya in that partial year of school he must have earned his B.S, oh wait maybe a trade? I know alot of people who make money legally that have it on a table with their boys holding stacks of it (jk). B.S. All of that being said I still wish JC was throwing the ball to him!!!

  9. hawk 4 ever Says:

    The true meaning of loser! DD was never that good he was just in the right spot at the right time. And the others you can have them I will enjoy watching them on PTV. “Prison TV!!! Cause that ain legit CGI those punks could not get hired at hardee’s! can you say drug money!!

  10. Abe Says:

    I know all three guys and Abe is a great guy and he wouldnt ever do anything like that and he def isnt a thug be careful which words you use also

  11. Mr. DD Says:

    Ok if he wants to put pictures up of him with money let him do it and if something is going on the law will take care of it, all you kids put pictures of yourself drinking alcohol and no one says anything people please get a life

  12. Bama Hawk Says:

    Mr dd those kids drinking alcohol didn’t screw up their careers and commit fraud or let their team and entire fan base down. And Abe if it looks like a duck!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jerub Says:

    hawk 4 ever that might have been the most retarded thing i have ever heard.

  14. Harvey Says:

    How Ironic.. Geico Ad on the left side says “With all that extra cash a bloke could affort to start a new hobby”. Congrats on your new hobby DD.

  15. Jhon taylor Says:

    Cmon guys those are just ones with twenty’s rapped around them.

  16. spank Says:

    What’s his address?

  17. big daddy Says:

    Dominique is not a bad person; he just makes alot of bone head decisions that alot of urban youths his age makes ! #2, he is just showing off and living in a fantasy world because real Detroit gangsta’s don’t show off their money in that manner since money speaks for itself, and the homie jacks and the wolves will come get this school boy/ football idiot if he was really getting money like that ! He is just showing acting like a rapper/ dummy! nothing more nothing less! He just needs help making decisions! He is a wannabe money getter! Obviously, this boy needs to be back in school and so he can mature and stop being a 313 bonehead!!!

  18. racer Says:

    We can’t say if it’s drug money, or even illegal, but the guy has a history of being a criminal. That aside, they don’t look like thugs at all. They look like they may end up being somebody’s bitches, though. They’re not straight up thuggin’, they’re straight up retarded. DD (doesn’t actually stand for Developmentally Delayed) actually had a shot at a life. You don’t get a six pack of shots at a good life. Best of luck dee dee dee.

  19. racer Says:


    An arrest warrant has been issued for a former University of Iowa football player charged with armed robbery last month in a Detroit suburb.

    Dominique Douglas, 20, was charged Aug. 1 with armed robbery, motor vehicle fraud and carrying a concealed weapon after a passenger in a car Douglas was driving robbed a man at gunpoint in Hamtramck, Mich., according to complaint filed in Johnson County District Court by Douglas’ Iowa probation officer. Douglas pleaded guilty in December to unauthorized use of a credit card after he and teammate Anthony Bowman stole credit cards from U of I students and used them to make online purchases. The men were given deferred judgments, which allowed them to avoid jail and have their convictions erased if they completed a two-year probation. Douglas is accused of violating his probation with the Michigan charges, according to the complaint. If found guilty, Douglas could serve up to two years in an Iowa prison and be fined up to $6,250. Douglas is now being held in the Wayne County (Mich.) Jail awaiting a hearing next week on the armed robbery charges. Johnson County Judge Douglas Russell signed an arrest warrant Aug. 29 ordering Douglas be brought to Iowa City, but that likely won’t happen until after the Michigan charges play out. New charges against Douglas state that Hamtramck police responded to a July 28 call in which a male victim alleged a man exited the passenger side of a parked car and pointed a “chrome pistol revolver” at the victim’s head and demanded money and jewelry. The victim said he gave the assailant two gold chains, a pair of Cartier glasses and earrings, keys and $2,000 cash, the complaint states. When officers pulled over the suspected car, driven by Douglas, they found Douglas wearing a gold chain and having $722, the complaint states. The passenger, Trymal Phillips, was wearing Cartier glasses and had $328. A chrome .357 revolver with four live rounds was found on the passenger side floor, police reported. Douglas confessed to officers he witnessed Phillips rob a man at gunpoint, the complaint states. Douglas and Bowman were charged in August 2007 with unauthorized use of credit cards after attempting to go on a $2,000 shopping spree with stolen cards. While awaiting trial on that charge, Douglas was charged with fifth-degree theft for stealing DVDs from Wal-Mart. He pleaded guilty and paid a $100 fine. Head Football Coach Kirk Ferentz suspended Douglas and Bowman from the team after their arrests. In granting the deferred judgment in January, Judge Russell told Douglas: “Given your age and relatively minor other offenses, and taking into account that you’re paying restitution here, this sentence offers you the maximum opportunity to continue your rehabilitation.” Douglas’ defense attorney Matt Petrzelka said in January that Douglas had transferred to a community college in Detroit, where he grew up

  20. racer Says:

    Okay, now this is getting odd. Look at the name of the defense attorney. Matt Petrzelka sounds an awfully lot like the OT team captain for the hawks in 1980, yes?




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