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Hawks facility in planning stages

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Minnesota coach Tim Brewster and Indiana coach Bill Lynch talked at length Monday at the Big Ten football media day about new facilities that have been built for their football programs, and Iowa athletic director Gary Barta said it won’t be that long before the Hawkeyes have new digs, too.

He said a new football practice facility is still in the planning stages at this point. He said he’s not sure yet if it will be where the almost 30-year-old “bubble’’ stands or if it will be built at a different location. He said it almost certainly won’t have an inflatable roof, however.

He said Iowa fans also will notice a different look on the new artificial turf at Kinnick Stadium. Although the university decided not to put the Hawkeye logo in the middle of the turf, he said the end zones have been painted to have “the look of a bowl game.’’

Whatever that means.

“People say that it’s important when you walk into a place to be able to know where you are,’’ Barta said. “I believe there won’t be any doubts about where you are now.’’

Details of Ferentz pact not entirely plane

Monday, July 20th, 2009

The announcement that Kirk Ferentz signed a new seven-year contract (through 2015) wasn’t necessarily big news. The agreement previously had been announced in April.

But there was a new little wrinkle in Monday’s announcement out of Iowa City: Ferentz will have the use of a private plane for up to 35 hours per year. As I understand it, this isn’t for Iowa football business. It’s not for recruiting trips. The news release from the university states that this is for “personal use.’’

So, does that mean Kirk can pile the wife and kids onto the plane whenever he wants and jet off somewhere on a family vacation? I guess that’s what it means. It appears to be an $85,000-a-year perk.

Gary Barta was quoted in the release as saying “This is one way to reduce some of the stress the position places on his personal and family life.’’

Seems to me, a $3 million salary might be enough to relieve some stress.