Pricey tickets

Last week’s game against Arkansas State fell a few thousands tickets short of a sellout and there still are tickets remaining for three of the last four home games, but just try finding a ticket for Saturday night’s game with Michigan. There are a few out there, but it’s going to cost you.

According to, a site that accumulates ticket listings from all over the Internet, the cheapest ticket you can buy online for this game is $182.50. That gets you into row 69 of section 110, deep in the southeast corner of Kinnick Stadium. The most expensive ticket out there right now? For $706, you can get seven rows up on the 45-yard line directly behind the Iowa bench.

This game obviously is a hot ticket because it’s a marquee opponent and it’s homecoming, but it’s still hard to figure why it sold out a long, long time ago while games against decent opponents such as Northwestern and Minnesota still have tickets available. I wonder if the fact that it’s a night game doesn’t have something to do with it.

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