‘Experts’ can be quiet now

Although James Vandenberg and his teammates insisted they weren’t into moral victories or consolation prizes, there were a lot of things they could take away from Saturday’s 27-24 overtime loss to Ohio State.

They proved that the Iowa offense does not move by Ricky Stanzi alone. They showed that no one on this team is completely irreplaceable. Vandenberg served notice that the Hawkeyes have a quarterback of the future, once Stanzi is gone.

Best of all, they shut up some of those national “experts’’ who gave Iowa zero chance of even being competitive with Ohio State.

Some of the pregame commentaries were pretty outrageous. One of the “experts’’ on the 9-hour pregame show on a Columbus radio station said this was one time Ohio State could go into “Michigan mode’’ a week early because this wasn’t even going to be a contest.

(Sure, like Michigan is going to be a big test. The Wolverines are no better than the ninth best team in the Big Ten. Right now, at this point in time, they might be No. 10 or 11. I’d say Ohio State can go into Rose Bowl mode about six weeks early.)

On the ESPN Game Day show, Desmond Howard (an old Michigan man, by the way), said Ohio State would beat Iowa by at least three touchdowns. His cohort, Lee Corso, said Iowa had two chances to win – “slim and none.’’

Of course, a lot of us long ago stopped regarding Corso as any sort of expert.

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2 Responses to “‘Experts’ can be quiet now”

  1. Lee Corso Says:

    And yet I never have to be accountable for when I’m wrong. Just pick up and move to the next week. I’ve got the best job in the world,

  2. Karl Hickerson Says:

    I first heard Corso as an after dinner speaker at a conference when he was coaching Indiana. I knew then and there that he was destined for the color commentator thing on TV–and was not a good fit for a Big 10 football coach (his record helped me with this conclusion).

    It has not gone unnoticed that Doxsie picked Ohio State by two or three, but also said, if asked a few minutes later, he might pick Iowa by a few. What a contrast with the national pundits! The fun part of this for Iowa fans, despite the loss, was all of the dimensions–not just the 19-year old who looked horrible v. Northwestern, but the fact that he holds 12 passing records for the State of Iowa and most of the nation has never even heard of Keokuk. It was like the whole state’s reputation for prep football. If he does as well with Minnesota’s (somewhat porous) defense, Stanzi better start worrying about his minutes. Very exciting to see someone with this kid’s arm and pocket presence, together with the fact that he has very little experience.