Too early to know about Hawks

With the start of Iowa’s basketball season just a few hours away, many people are asking: How many games will the Hawkeyes win this season?

It’s too early to really give an educated answer to that question, especially since I was just thrust back into the Hawkeye basketball beat within the past week. My answer for now would be: More than last year.

There clearly is some talent on this team and a wealth of experience, more than most college basketball programs have. How all that translates into on-court success will depend on injuries, consistency, quality of opposition and a myriad of other factors that aren’t yet clear.

We’re not going to get a lot of answers out of these early-season games either. Tonight’s opener, for example, comes against a Chicago State team that won six games last year, has only 14 total starts back from a year ago and trailed St. Ambrose, an NAIA team, by six points in the middle of the second half of an exhibition game the other night. And St. Ambrose’s best player missed the game with an injury.

If the Hawks win by 40 tonight, we won’t know any more than we do now. We need a few weeks, probably a month, to know much about this team fits into the Big Ten race.

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